Health and Safety Protocols

We take good care of you

Plaza Florida Suites has been welcoming guests from all over the world for more than 45 years, making a great stay our priority. We are committed to preserve the health and integrity of our guests and our staff through these difficult times.

Company’s protocols

We are following the guidelines of the “General Tourism Activities Protocols” dictated by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of The Presidency.


• We encourage cashless operations.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers have been distributed throughout the hotel, for the convenience and protection of our guests.
• Signs have been placed to identify physical distancing guidelines.


• All our employees were tested for Covid-19 before we reopened our operations.
• All employees will have their temperature taken before beginning their shifts. Employees will be asked daily the health questionnaire previously set in the Protocols.
• Employees will use the required outfit defined in the Protocol (PPE, IPE). Frequent hand washing and the use of sanitizers is required to all staff, for the sake of everyone.
• We constantly train our staff on Covid-19, and facility sanitation protocols.


• Guests that arrive from other countries must comply with all entrance protocols in place.
• It will be required that all guest complete a small questionnaire in order to identify any COVID-19 symptoms.
• All of our guests will have their temperature taken during their stay.
• We encourage cashless transactions.
• Guests will receive a mask during their stay. They will also have access to hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our facilities.
• All areas are constantly disinfected, especially areas with high transit and high human contact.
• In the event that any of our guests present COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive, our staff has been trained to activate different protocols: a) Help contain the infection, b) Provide medical information to the guest, c) Ensure the proper sanitation of the exposed areas.
• We encourage guests to provide all necessary information at the time of the reservation to ensure a prompt and fast check-in: Passport, ID, email, etc.

Sanitary procedures

• Out staff will be constantly committed to comply with all health and safety standards required.
• If a guest presents COVID-19 symptoms the guest attention protocol will activate immediately.
• If any guest requires specific orientation on COVID-19 related issues he/she can access the *462 toll free line available 24/7 from the government or the “Aurora MSP” communication system, a WhatsApp help line form the Public Safety Ministry, with the numbers (809) 449-6262 y (809) 409-6262. The 911 emergency number is always available for an emergency service.
• In the event that a guest tests positive un the COVID-19 test he/she will be immediately transferred to an isolation area in our facilities.

Front desk, check-in and check-out

• Virtual check in will be available in the near future. In the meantime we have implemented changes in our processes for the benefit of our guests and employees.
• As part of our check in process, temperatures will be taken to our guests and also a small questionnaire will be applied to determine any COVID-19 symptoms.
• The reception area will have the capacity to serve 3 guests at the same time. Remaining guests can wait in the room next door, for social distancing purposes.
• At the time of check in, all guests must have read this document. If not, a printed copy will be handed to them.
• Room changes will be limited and will be subject to availability and the established sanitary protocols.


• All rooms and other areas are cleaned with EPA approved products.
• All areas are cleaned and sanitized more frequently and thoroughly, with more attention to areas of high traffic.
• We are restricting cleaning staff access to rooms to ensure the wellbeing and protection of our guests and employees.
• We will leave more time between check outs and check ins on each room to allow for better disinfection of areas.
• Stationary, magazines and pens were eliminated from all rooms. They will be available to our guests upon request.
• Housekeeping staff is required to wear masks and gloves while cleaning rooms.
• Housekeeping staff is required to wash their hands and put on a new set of gloves before entering a room to clean.
• Room cleaning will be done every two days on every stay, unless otherwise requested by guests. If a guest prefers not having his/her room cleaned, he/she must inform reception.

Food and beverage

Due to health and safety issues, our breakfast will be temporally offered using specific guidelines in order to avoid direct contact:

• To avoid physical contact, breakfast will be served in disposable containers and placed in a designated area outside rooms.

Our commitment to service

To provide all of our guests a warm and impeccable service has always been our focus. Our priority now is the health and safety of our guests and employees

Our commitment with the Wellbeing of our guests

We will always strive for the happiness and wellbeing of our guests, no matter if they come to visit Santo Domingo to work, shop, visit friends and family or attend a medical appointment.

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